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Zeke MullinsZeke MullinsThis Page is in Tribute & Dedication of the Legendary
Zeke Mullins, the Local Radioman of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Gregory Syroney's Testimonial about Zeke Mullins

Story by: Ben Nandy, with WOWK TV News Channel 13.
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Zeke Mullins performing at the very first River Days Hootenanny
Portsmouth, Ohio Circa 1963

Portsmouth Ohio's radio personality Zeke Mullins was in a CBS
weekly television series Route 66. He was in the first episonde
of the series filmed in Concord, Ky. Some people from the
Portsmouth area got parts in the film. In this clip Zeke is the
man on the left.

Zeke Mullins receintly turned 86. Currently still broadcasting
every morning on WNXT AM.

Zeke Mullins does his song of the former 'Selby Shoes' factory
in Portsmouth Ohio.

A novelty song about the Beatles recorded in 1964 by Country DJ
Zeke Mullins of WPAY Radio, Portsmouth, Ohio.

Songs that Zeke Mullins, Played on WPAY

John Anderson and Colt Ford - "Swingin'" Official Video

Cow Patti - Jim Stafford

Lum & Abner Radio Shows

Lum & Abner Valentines Day Episode Titled Shopping For A Valentine.
Original Air Date Was 02/14/1945.

Lum & Abner Episode Titled Christmas Story. Original Air Date Was
12/23/1938. This was during the period when the series aired on CBS'
weeknight schedule at 7:15pm(et), for General Foods' "Postum"
(no longer available on grocers' shelves). For West Coast listeners,
where this aircheck was recorded [14:42], they did a "repeat"
brodacast at 8:15pm, Pacific Time.

Saturday, October 10, 2015
Today Crispie Creme - Donut and Coffee Shop, launched a new Donut called "The Zeke Mullins". It is a Long John with Peanut Butter Filling and Peanut Butter Icing.

The story behind the "Zeke Mullins Donut".

I messaged Larry Mullins, and told him that they should talk to the owners of Crispie Creme - Portsmouth, about making a Donut in Memory of Zeke Mullins who is his dad. This all started back when Lisa started the "Sweet For Zeke Event" on facebook. So I message the Owners on facebook myself, and asked them if the could make a donut in Memory of Zeke Mullins. So I asked Lisa Mullins Potts and Larry Mullins what was his favorite desert, and they both said Peanut Butter Pie. So I messaged the Owners at Crispie Creme, and told them that a peanut butter flavored donut would work.

Zeke Mullins was a very famous guy here in Scioto County and surrounding counties with hit Radio Shows. Zeke was also like family to me.

Gregory Syroney